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Each of our lessons programs is tailored to each individual student. Everyone comes to us with different strengths, weaknesses and experience levels. Our instructors will work with you and your family to deliver the best results in the most efficient manner with the time provided. The program descriptions provided are just to give you a rough idea of what our average student may experience in that amount of lesson time. All of out lessons programs are completed in 90 minute lessons. If these packages do not apply to your current situation, give us a call at (866) 838-0055 and we will help you find the most efficient solution

FREE pick-up and return from home, work or school from most locations!​


3 Hour Lesson Program

Our shortest program offering. This 3 hour program is tailored to each individual student based on their experience behind the wheel. Students with less experience will be focusing on more physical car control, student with more experience will be introduced to the mental and predictive aspects of driving.




24 Hour Lesson Program

This 24 hour program is our full experience. We can take a driver with little to no experience and get them ready to drive on their own, the right way. This programs introduces car control, local roads, heavily trafficked roads, highway driving, parking lot situations and technical maneuvers.




9 Hour Lesson Program

This 9 hour program is a great program for any experience level to get experience in each area of the roadway. Conducted in 4 lessons, most often students will spend one lesson on local roads, one lesson on intermediate and larger roads, another lesson of the highway and the final lesson working on parking lot maneuvers.




36 Hour Lesson Program

Expanding from our twenty four hour program, this 36 hour program is designed to help perfect the skills necessary for safe vehicle operation. Repetitive practice in each area of the roadway is built into this program to ingrain the skills our student are taught.




15 Hour Lesson Program

Our 15 hour plan is our most popular option. It will bring most inexperienced drivers to the point that they can safe operate on our roadways without much anxiety or freaking mom or dad out too much. It will also take a driver who has a fair amount of experience to the point that they can start to accurately predict what other drivers will do around them.




3 Hour Tesla Experience

Are you looking to buy a Tesla? Do you want to experience everything a Tesla has to offer before buying one? This program will introduce you to all of the cool features that a Tesla provides. You'll learn how everything works from charging to autopilot. 



Road Test

Road Test in a Tesla

Take your official DMV road test with us in a Tesla! we have 14 locations across Florida often with same day scheduling!




1 Hour of Road Test Practice + Road Test in a Tesla

Take an hour of practice for your test, right before you take your test. All of our instructors are also licensed examiners so you'll be learning from the same people who provide our tests!




2 Hours of Road Test Practice + Road Test in a Tesla

Two hours of practice for your road test in a tesla + your official test with us!




License Testing

We're Florida's largest Third Party Administrator for Class E License testing. If you're looking to take you driver's license test in a Tesla, you've landed in the right place! If you have any questions about our license testing, please give our school a call at (866) 838-0055


Learn to drive from the safety of our state of the art driving simulators. A great way to get started for those with high anxiety, ADHD or those on the Asperger's or autism spectrum to see if driving is a possibility.

License Testing

Take your driver's license test in a Tesla! We're Florida's largest third party administrator for the Class E written and road tests.

Ticket school

If you have a ticket, we can help prevent the points from being assessed to your license and stop your insurance from going up!

driver education

Learn all of the ins and outs of driving from the beginning. Our Driver's Ed courses will teach you how to drive before you ever get behind the wheel!


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